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D3S-RadMag space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument

Pictured before the pandemic, in peacetime. The researcher colleagues of Remred Kft. and of the Centre for Energy Research, the head of the development and engineering department of Julius-Globe Ltd., Mrs. Anett Vilmosné Soós have jointly developed the D3S-RadMag space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument.
As we have already mentioned in our previous note, we have been manufacturing for the space industry for years. It is not always an easy task to present the whole spectrum of our production for the space industry, as the majority of the space industry projects are strictly confidential. Currently, we are still manufacturing parts for the space industry. In addition, in the framework of the development concept of the distributed space weather sensor system of the European Space Agency (ESA), we have developed a combined space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument jointly with the researchers of Remred and the EC, by means of which the ESA will perform measurements in a mission of a constellation of small satellites intended for space weather measurements in the near future. The development of the instrument was accepted by the ESA, and the manufacture of the test copy will be started soon.
Our company constantly searches new market possibilities that may offer technological and professional development. The manufacture of parts for the space industry is extremely difficult and challenging due to the extraordinarily small sizes and complicated designs and the precision procedure, however, it is a professional progress for both our company and our colleagues. We have gained wide and special production experiences in our national and international projects in many market segments of the manufacture of custom-made parts. This professional background and know-how as well as our diversified national and international customer portfolio provide sufficient base for us to be able take part in serious projects, including space industry appointments. We have started the challenging manufacture together with our enthusiastic engineers and technicians. We constantly receive new tasks due to the skills and persistence of our committed team. We can make use of our special skills gained in space industry design and manufacture also in other fields of the industry.