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CNC machining

Milling, grinding, turning, spark eroding and additional surface treatment

  • CNC milling – on 3, 5 axis (simultan)
  • CNC turning
  • CNC grinding (cylindrical-, bore- and surface)
  • Conventional milling
  • Conventional turning
  • Spark and wire eroding
  • Surface treatment (through cooperation partners): heattreatment, anodising, nickel-plating, teflon coating, chroming, tenifering etc.
  • Production of prototypes and small series (max. 3000 pcs/month)

Planning and production of equipments

  • Design and production of assembling tools, measuring gages, measuring jigs, control equipments and special machines.
  • 3D (CAD/CAM system) production on our machine centers of 3 and 5 axis
  • Complete production of machines, precision equipment and parts, purchasing of special raw materials. According to customer requests tools, equipment and machines are delivered with surface treatment or heat treatment in small, middle or big serials.
  • Depend of the target we design our equipment and machines to be able to use in small and middle series. Depending on request of the customer and of field of application the ordered equipment can be delivered with electromechanical, pneumatical or hydraulical control unit.

Research and development

  • Research and development according to customer orders and needs
  • 7 development engineers
  • Used programs: CATIA V5-6 R2016-CAD, CREO 2, ESPRIT

Realised research and development

  • Development of Engine Block (oil of body water) contamination testing equipment
  • Digital display, surface roughness measuring device-specific improvement
  • Support the development of production technology, glass roof blind
  • Raw material feed roller surface material non-stick and wear-resistant experiment
  • Research and introduction of raw material-dependent optimal coating experiments
  • Integration of advanced technologies and measurement equipment manufacturing technology changes into our customers's production
  • Manufacturing production of medical device testing - knee replacement - Medical University of Szeged
  • Development of new heat treatment units
  • Development and construction of propeller
  • The aim was to develop new production technologies - development of only from one material screw blade propellers, the longer the blade size and the larger the number of blades.
  • Ideal blade design, development of edge geometries
  • Mounted propeller design manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of a greater number of propeller blades
  • Straight and twisted blade propellers airflow engineering studies

Assembling of electrical, mechanical parts

  • 11 years experience
  • 11.5 Million assembled parts/year
  • Mainly for automotive industry
  • Technical support of the production line
  • Production area: 850 m2
  • Location: Győr / Hungary