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Donation of our colleagues

Following our traditions, our female colleagues organise a collection again this year. We are glad to inform you that an amount of HUF 300,000 was collected from our colleagues and the management for a charitable purpose. Much thanks to each donating colleague for the generous offer!
This year, we are going to hand over HUF 200,000 to the family of one of your colleagues suffering a stroke and receiving now rehabilitation necessary for his recovery, in order to help them in this difficult situation. This is how we wish to contribute to his recovery to allow him to return as soon as possible!
And we collected HUF 100,000 for small people in the most vulnerable situation and needing the most support, so that we can contribute to the operation of the special ambulance service to save the life and health of premature infants. We are going to hand over the support to Egészséges Újszülöttekért Alapítvány Kisalföld in the form of devices.
The Kisalföld Foundation and the Premature Infants Department of the Petz Aladár County Training Hospital do their best to make sure that the most possible premature infants can heal and live a full life.
Quoting our colleagues, - who are regular blood-donators: “Recalling our experiences we can tell that the workers of our company have had an exemplary attitude in the recent years. We are very grateful to them for their previous generous offers.”