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D3S-RadMag space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument

April 27, 2021

Pictured before the pandemic, in peacetime. The researcher colleagues of Remred Kft. and of the Centre for Energy Research, the head of the development and engineering department of Julius-Globe Ltd., Mrs. Anett Vilmosné Soós have jointly developed the D3S-RadMag space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument.
As we have already mentioned in our previous note, we have been manufacturing for the space industry for years. It is not always an easy task to present the whole spectrum of our production for the space industry, as the majority of the space industry projects are strictly confidential. Currently, we are still manufacturing parts for the space industry. In addition, in the framework of the development concept of the distributed space weather sensor system of the European Space Agency (ESA), we have developed a combined space radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument jointly with the researchers of Remred and the EC, by means of which the ESA will perform measurements in a mission of a constellation of small satellites intended for space weather measurements in the near future. The development of the instrument was accepted by the ESA, and the manufacture of the test copy will be started soon.
Our company constantly searches new market possibilities that may offer technological and professional development. The manufacture of parts for the space industry is extremely difficult and challenging due to the extraordinarily small sizes and complicated designs and the precision procedure, however, it is a professional progress for both our company and our colleagues. We have gained wide and special production experiences in our national and international projects in many market segments of the manufacture of custom-made parts. This professional background and know-how as well as our diversified national and international customer portfolio provide sufficient base for us to be able take part in serious projects, including space industry appointments. We have started the challenging manufacture together with our enthusiastic engineers and technicians. We constantly receive new tasks due to the skills and persistence of our committed team. We can make use of our special skills gained in space industry design and manufacture also in other fields of the industry.


RADCUBE IOD 3U CubeSat mission

April 19, 2021

It’s time to give news also on the supply for a new industry. We came into contact with the national space industry already in December 2015. Since the beginning of 2018, we have made several products for the space industry. The first step was our involvement in mission RADCUBE 3U, in the framework of which we manufactured the whole mechanics of the RadMag radiometer for the Energy Science Research Centre for both the engineering development and the aviation units, then we made the frame structure of the Radcube satellite, the antenna opening unit and the related PCB holders for the C3S.
The RADCUBE 3U satellite was built in cooperation with the European Space Agency under management by C3S Kft. as a consortium, the scientific experiment within the useful cargo hold is coordinated by the Energy Science Research Centre. Though the project is managed by Hungarian specialists, many international participants are also involved in the consortium: the Polish Astronika and the International College of London from the United Kingdom have developed key parts of the device implementing the scientific experiment. Suppliers supporting the consortium also had a decisive role in the project, including the developers of the Spanish DHV making the solar panel and the colleagues of the Belgian KU Leuven making the stability control unit. Beyond the platform and the RadMag measuring instrument, a radiation tolerance experiment and a radio frequency experiment within a satellite will be also launched soon by the European Space Agency. Tovább

CNC machined parts for ICU ventilators

May 29, 2020

We are pleased to announce that this day we supplied 300 pieces of machined parts necessary for the ventilators to be used in intensive care units. We shall soon supply the parts also for the remaining 800 units. A company manufacturing medical devices, Celitron Medical Technologies Kft. has started the production of high-tech ventilators in response to the pandemic. In the framework of the project, 1100 ventilators will be soon assembled, which will serve the health of the Hungarian people, and may be used also for the ventilation of newborns, children and adults in intensive care units. We are grateful to our colleagues for their persistence in the difficult times. We are really happy and proud that our company would supply and our colleagues would manufacture the machined parts for these life-saving machines. Tovább

Innovative enterprises of exemplary rural women

June 07, 2019

In the framework of the CORD project supported by the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme, an international conference was organised by the Union of Hungarian Women Association at the Ministry of Agriculture in Budapest on 7th June 2019. At the event the CORD project partners presented their unique entrepreneurial Ambassador Scheme and the 6 nominated Ambassadors (3 Slovaks and 3 Hungarians). The Ambassadors will have the mission to promote entrepreneurial activity and business opportunities in the Slovak-Hungarian border region.

The CORD project implemented in a Slovak-Hungarian cooperation is aimed at enhancing the cross-border business activities of start-ups, potential entrepreneurs and SMEs. (The aim of the CORD project is to strengthen cooperation between organizations providing support to potential and existing entrepreneurs and to promote the cross-border dimension of the Slovak-Hungarian border region.) The partner organisations implementing the project - HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron County, the Union of Hungarian Women Association, the Slovak Business Agency, the Regional Advisory And Information Centre in Komárno and the Association of Lecturers and Career Advisors – each nominated the representative of one company for the Ambassador Scheme. A certificate of nomination was granted to Mr. Zsolt Oltványi, owner of Vita Stilo Hungary Ltd., Ms. Csilla Mihalicz, CEO of Inter-Personnel Ltd., Ms. Erika Rácz, owner of Julius-Globe Ltd., Branislav Príbojsky, CEO of Freya Corporation s.r.o., Jana Knoppova, marketing manager of SENSONEO j.s.a. and Natália Gáplovská, founder and creator of LUMINIA s.r.o.


Donation of our colleagues

December 17, 2018

Following our traditions, our female colleagues organise a collection again this year. We are glad to inform you that an amount of HUF 300,000 was collected from our colleagues and the management for a charitable purpose. Much thanks to each donating colleague for the generous offer!
This year, we are going to hand over HUF 200,000 to the family of one of your colleagues suffering a stroke and receiving now rehabilitation necessary for his recovery, in order to help them in this difficult situation. This is how we wish to contribute to his recovery to allow him to return as soon as possible!
And we collected HUF 100,000 for small people in the most vulnerable situation and needing the most support, so that we can contribute to the operation of the special ambulance service to save the life and health of premature infants. We are going to hand over the support to Egészséges Újszülöttekért Alapítvány Kisalföld in the form of devices.
The Kisalföld Foundation and the Premature Infants Department of the Petz Aladár County Training Hospital do their best to make sure that the most possible premature infants can heal and live a full life.
Quoting our colleagues, - who are regular blood-donators: “Recalling our experiences we can tell that the workers of our company have had an exemplary attitude in the recent years. We are very grateful to them for their previous generous offers.” Tovább

Profit milling introduced

December 11, 2018

A new technology, Profit Milling was introduced by us last week. 
The raw piece was milled to a depth of 36 mm. First, the corners were removed, and then it was finished. We milled the parts intended for the car industry without water-cooling, using air-cooling, half of the time necessary for a tipped mill. Our company intends to multiply the machining efficiency. The labour and basic material costs are constantly increasing, while the buyers always want to reduce the prices of the parts. We can progress only if we try to multiply the machining efficiency. This is promoted mostly by our colleagues with their innovative ideas, and also by our ESPRIT CAM system introduced in 2012. The new version lays an emphasis on an extremely efficient machining technology, which offers innovative and very cost-efficient tool paths and new machining strategies for higher efficiency.
The new functions are based on a higher cutting speed, longer tool life-time, and the machinability of more and more complex geometries. Tovább

Family and career point was opened in Győr

October 11, 2018

A family and career point (Család és KarrierPONT - CSAK) was opened in the House of Parents of Győr, which was handed over by the consortium members, Tegyél jót - Szülők Háza AlapítványA befogadó közösségi platform - Kommunió Alapítvány and the Family and Children Welfare Centre of Győr City of County Rank yesterday.
Their aim is to reach a regional labour market situation, which facilitates atypical employment and the return of families with small children – which are disadvantaged in terms of employment – to the labour market in a shorter time, improving the situation of families with small children, all this based on local solutions and cooperation. The interested persons may get customised job search and mental hygiene advices, and may take part in informative days, training, development programmes (among others in the fields of harmonisation of work and private life: self-awareness, communication, conflict solution; comprehensive communication). 71 family and career points are opened nationwide. Tovább

Donation for volunteer fire association

October 10, 2018

Do you still remember our colleagues who unanimously offered the prizes won by them at the karaoke competitions in the recent years for a good cause? They promoted the children of the kindergarten of Láz several times, a boy undergoing many operations, and donated firewood to the elders of Nyúl.  And now, two of the winners of the latest "JG Voice 2017" offered safety gloves and safety hoods at the recommendation of mayor Géza Szalóki to Győrújbaráti Önkéntes Tűzoltó Egyesület in a value of HUF 100,000, which was received by Ádám Gombás on behalf of the association. We are proud of you! Thank you, well done! Tovább

Visit of students

September 27, 2018

We extended a very warm welcome to the students of class 6 of the primary school of Győrújbarát, who were really interested and asked many essential questions. As regards career guidance, we hinted that the work of every person, from fitters to engineers, is equally important, as a machine is able to properly function depending on the coordinated unity of many small and big parts. The children learnt in a short time how a lathed part could be distinguished from a milled one. We encourage the parents to ask them at home how and with which machining process a chair-leg could be made. We are sure that most of them will know the answer. 
The photos have been uploaded with the parents’ consent and in adherence to the effective GDPR. Tovább

Femcoop Plus Project

September 17, 2018

Ladies working in the technical field in the publication issued in the framework of project Femcoop PLUS HU tell their own experiences, which may encourage schoolgirls and serve as an example for them before their career choice. Get familiar with our colleague, who tells her experiences, how and why she chose a technical career, what is necessary for a woman to be successful in technology, and to whom she offers this profession.
We wish to advice you of the results and services of project Femcoop PLUS implemented in the framework of cooperation reaching beyond the Austro-Hungarian border. The project is intended to make the technical career attractive for girls by means of innovative measures and activities, and thereby to compensate the lack of specialists and to increase the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the programme regions. Tovább

20th anniversary of our company's existence

September 15, 2018

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company's existence, which was a tremendous milestone in the company's life. Thanks for the work of our former and present staff and management, for our customers, suppliers and co-operating partners. Without their added value the company could not have achieved this! Thanks for the many years of confidence. We are pleased to offer our 20-year experience to you. Tovább

Forty percent of our revenue is export, we deliver also to Mexico

MARCH 28, 2018

AUTOPRO: Julius-Globe Kft. is a small venture near Győr, and has been quietly active in the car industry for more than twenty years. They are hardly noted, though they have already implemented several large-scale projects. Would you ever have thought that safety parts heat treatment process for oil wells are also developed in Győrújbarát? We interviewed Gyula RÁCZ managing director.
“How would you summarise the company’s activities?”
“During the nearly 20 years, our company has been continuously developing. At the beginning, we were engaged in the assembly and processing of electronic and mechanical parts almost exclusively for the car industry. Currently, we supply our products to more than 9 industries, mostly to the car industry, but we supply them also to the packaging, press, high-tech, energy, machine, plastic, electronic, tobacco and medical device manufacturing sectors. Today, we are engaged also in CNC machining of precision parts, the design and manufacture of production lines and measuring instruments.”

Drawing competition for the children of our colleagues

June 03, 2018

We announced a drawing competition for the children of our colleagues. As you can see, happy mothers and fathers work with us according to the pictures. Some are even whistling during milling. And the children are well aware to how many industries the parents and grandparents manufacture parts at our company. The prizes were presented on the family day organised with a cooking competition. Thanks again to the enthusiastic drawing children for the plenty of master works. Tovább

Economic Conference in Vienna

Mai 24, 2018

Economic conference in Vienna - Erika Rácz took part in it on behalf of the businesses of the county - on 24 May 2018, the Austrian Chamber of Economy and the Enterprise Europe Network organised an economic conference in Vienna, where the current challenges faced by the Central and Eastern Europe were discussed. The target group of the event “Chances and Challenges in Central Europe” included mainly the businesses operating in the car industry and in the field of metal processing. The opening speech of the conference was given by Philip Boldt on behalf of Audit Hungaria Zrt. During the day, the participants discussed the challenges in the current labour marker situation, the new hindrances appearing in the supply chain and the issues of the relevant financing and risk management. Erika Rácz representing Julius-Globe Kft. among the businesses of Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Christian Miller commercial counsellor of Prague and Stefan Vratny EEN coordinator in Slovakia took part in one of the panel talks organised in the framework of the event,
In addition to the several Hungarian and Austrian businesses, Czech, Slovakian, Polish and Ukrainian companies also took part in the event, who held bilateral discussions in the afternoon. Tovább

Our MAZAK VTC 800 SMOOTH CNC processing machine has finally arrived

April 23, 2018

Our MAZAK VTC 800 SMOOTH CNC processing machine has finally arrived.
Many changes have been implemented on it. This machine has already the 6th generation of a high-speed dialogue controller, which is able to work also on the basis of a model if 3D parts are manufactured. The machine features an increased movement range, a higher fast speed, a tilting head and 4-axis simultaneous machining.
A high-speed, 18000 rpm, high torque main spindle is integrated, the accuracy of the machines is increased, while the transmission speed is also elevated with the optical wires. During CAD/CAM programming, the machine can read 150 rows per one and half seconds.
Today, we say farewell to our old machine, the MAZAK VTC 300C. This was the first MAZAK machine sold in Hungary, which we received on 01.01.2005. It was always a reliably and accurate machine. MAZAK has been present in Hungary since 2004. Tovább

Our new R&D project with Adient Ltd.

February 09, 2018

A project closing ceremony was held by Adient Mezőlak Kft. Three automotive product families were developed during the research & development project implemented in the consortium. Julius-Globe Kft. was the partner of Adient consortium. Our main duty included the design and pilot production of the individual parts of the prototype product family.

The car seat manufacturing Adient Group has been present in Hungary since 2007, and innovative vehicle seat structures are manufactured for key car manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Tesla, Ford, Jeep, Seat or Volkswagen. More than 2700 specialists work at three Hungarian sites of the company, in Mór, Mezőlak and Kecskemét. Seat back and seat height adjusting and locking mechanisms as well as seat locking mechanisms are manufactured in the plant of Mezőlak opened in 2011. Currently, seat mechanisms manufactured by the plant of Mezőlak employing 580 heads are mounted into each tenth car of the world.


Julius-Globe Ltd. named as one of Europe’s best in first ever ‘Ones to Watch’ list

January 09,2018

Julius-Globe Ltd. named as one of Europe’s best in first ever ‘Ones to Watch’ list
Julius-Globe Ltd. has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.
Julius-Globe Ltd. was chosen as it demonstrates exceptional achievement in one of the 12 European Business Awards’ categories and reflects the programme’s core values of innovation, success and ethics.
Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, Europe’s largest cross-sector business competition, said: “We wanted to recognise more widely the many incredible business success stories from across Europe.”
He continued: “The talent, dedication and innovation at the heart of these companies creates jobs and opportunity, and is what drives their country’s prosperity. The ‘Ones to Watch’ lists will set a benchmark of success for the European business community.”
Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM, the sixth largest global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms, and long-term sponsors of the Awards, said: “To be listed as a ‘Ones to Watch’ is a real accolade. At RSM, we work with companies across Europe and beyond, advising them on all areas of their business and we are passionate about encouraging success and prosperity. We wish these dynamic companies every success in the future.”

Focus is on the key value-creating small businesses

November 23, 2017

The Hungarian National Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network commissioned a small film about our company. In SZÁMLA economic magazine you can see us from 14:06 in which the focus is on the key value-creating small businesses. Tovább

iSmart factory visit at MAZAK

October 20, 2017

We have recently visited MAZAK factories in Japan,founded by the Yamazaki family. The main topic of EMO exhibition 2017 was INDUSTRY 4.0. iSmart Factory conception has been introduced at the exhibition, we could take a closer look atit in the Oguchi factory. Beside, we have visited the company’s technology center in theMinokamo and Seiko plants, where the multi-taskingmachining centers (INTERGREX), the latest generation of CNCmachining centers and turning centers were introduced including the additive process. We have also visited the Optonics factory, where the laser machines are being produced underground.
The MAZAK factory was established in 1919 by Sadakichi Yamazaki in Nagoya. In the beginning the factory was manufacturing straw mat weaving machines, after changing to industrial woodworking machines, they started producing machine tools, lathes and drilling machines in 1928. This was the basis for the continuous improvement of today’s MAZAK manufacturing company. MAZAK is one of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers. Approximately 30% of its sales is realized in Europe.

We have been selected into the BET50, among the 50 most interesting and successful companies of the Hungarian economy in 2017

September 20, 2017

We have been selected into the BET50, among the 50 most interesting and successful companies of the Hungarian economy in 2017.
From a small garage to a global clientele - Julius-Globe Ltd.

From a small garage to a global clientele Julius-Globe Ltd. owes its success to reliability, flexibility, and continuous improvements. With their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, highly qualified and loyal workforce, they have high customer satisfaction rates, especially on the international market.

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Open doors, open minds

JUNE 28,2017

Yesterday, the latest programme of the Hungarian Association for Excellence started with a company visit in a good atmosphere. A company introduction, exciting discussions, and a plant visit were on the agenda. The local excellence ambassadors of the association were also active.
On behalf of the Civil Centre Foundation of Székesfehérvár, Kálmán Szabó, managing director of the association, granted us conflict management training in a value of HUF 300,000, which will be surely beneficial to our team and for which we are very thankful.

The "Open doors, open minds” programme series will continue at Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics Kft. in September.

We visited Zalán

JUNE 16,2017

The winners of the first and second prizes at the karaoke competition arranged in the framework of last year-end ceremony offered their awards for the healing of Zalán from Győrasszonyfa. The donation of HUF 150,000 was previously forwarded to the family via a foundation, but yesterday we visited them also personally. While we were there, Zalán was full with energy and was happily running with his siblings. We hope that he will soon and ultimately recover his health despite the plenty of hardship. We wish him good health and persistence! Thanks to the donors for their noble offering!

Competitiveness in Focus - Institutions for the Development of SMEs National Evaluation Event

JUNE 01, 2017

The leaders of the EU have recognised that the economic success of the European Union is based on the competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises. Therefore at the request of the European Commission, the consortium of the Enterprise Europe Network HCE (EEN-HCE) and the Hungarian National Trading House have launched their round table discussion series, the purpose of which is to review the set of tools available for the SMEs and the institutions of trade development, and to improve cooperation.

The trend that the demands of the entrepreneurs are in the focus of the development of SMEs is more and more striking at the international forums. The decision-making and strategy developing processes are built rather on information coming from the bottom, from the customers and SMEs, instead of decision-making on the top.

Small and medium enterprises play a more and more significant role in the stimulation of the economy of the EU, and serve as a backbone for the growth of the European Union. According to a report drawn by the European Committee and studying years 2015 and 2016, out of 100 trading companies, 99 are small and medium enterprises in the European Union. Out of each produced EUR 1, 57 cents are produced by SMEs of the EU. According to a survey made in 2015, the major challenges for the European small and medium enterprises are the finding of proper business partners (25) and the lack of qualification and management skills (18%). According to a forecast made by the European Union, the contribution of the SMEs of the EU to the growth of the European economy will increase by 7% in 2017. The small and medium enterprises serve as a backbone for the European Union, and in 2015, 23 million SMEs of the EU generated nearly EUR 4000 billion and employed 90 million employees.

In addition to other SMEs, Julius Globe was also invited to the regional sections of the programme series arranged in March and April and to the national evaluation event. At the national event built on the results of the regional events, partners, institutions and chambers involved in the development of small and medium enterprises sat at a desk. The common aim was to map up the business development institution system and to increase the efficiency of cooperation.

The main shaft of the EVO5 engine developed by the SZEngine team has been finished

APRIL 26,2017

The SZEngine team designs, manufactures and develops a world unique race engine for the teams competing at Formula Students. The engine show arranged in November 2012 was the first great milestone in the team’s life and for that occasion they had assembled their own-developed first generation, special, single-cylinder engine, the EVO1. Since then, the fifth generation development has also been completed. We have recently learnt that the main shaft of the EVO5 engine has been finished, in the preparatory works of which the team of Julius-Globe also assisted in addition to other companies. We are happy about their success and congratulate them on the development of the fifth generation.

We received the medal of National Public Champion on the EBA Awards Ceremony

May 04, 2017

We received the medal of the National Public Champion on the EBA Gala dinner in Dubrovnik.
Our company has been dynamically developing from year to year in an economic environment with higher and higher demands. In addition to the technological and business possibilities offered by the sustainable development, we wanted to test ourselves also in another form, and to test the business model by means of which we try to serve our partners on an increasing quality level.
During the last 18 years, we have never registered at an excellence competition of companies. But now it was time to test ourselves not only in Hungary, but also at a European level. Taking part in the European Business Award competition was a good chance for our company.
In this second turn, the prizes won by us are a great success in view of the size, line and economic sector of our company.
We have proved that even the results achieved by a small business have a chance to compete with those of a multinational company if it is able to highlight and present its business model, economic successes, structure and know-how in a different way.
We are proud for the opportunity to represent Hungary in the competition and on the Gala was attended by the best businesses across Europe, with an audience that represented 34 countries. Tovább

Competitiveness in Focus

APRIL 04, 2017

The entrepreneurs’ challenges in production, development, product portfolio creation, information collection on the internal and external markets, challenges in organisation development, HR, IT development were all covered by the round table discussion held on the improvement of the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Győr-Moson-Sopron County accommodating the office of the Enterprise Europe Network. The event was opened by Imre Pintér-Péntek. The institutions, financial institutes, businesses maintaining connections with the enterprises and the chamber as well as the Hungarian National Trading House as the leading partner of the Hungarian consortium of the Enterprise Europe Network were also represented at the four tables.
In his welcome speech, the chairman of the chamber told that beyond the generational change, the small and medium enterprises must be able to compete also in the business life, they should be financially steady and have a vision. They can rely on the chamber and the Enterprise Europe Network if they need to expand, including the international stage.
After their introductions, the persons seating at the four tables got familiar with the development and operation of some enterprises, and then the discussion of challenges faced by the entrepreneurs in the field of production, development and product portfolio creation was started. The creditable business experiences were represented by Darnó Hús, by KonSys Kft, by Julius-Globe Kft. and by Varga & Társa Építési és Vállalkozási Kft. Tovább

Guests of the InfoRadio

March 27, 2017

We were guests of the InfoRadio in Budapest. We talked to Ildikó Panulin about National Public Champion Award won on the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM, as well as about research and developments, digitisation, industry 4.0, our involvment in the region’s vocational training and about lot of other things.

Successful the guidance of the students to the metal industry

March 23, 2017

Our company received students from primary schools to present machinery trades (mechanical engineering, mechanical cutting, industrial engineering, vehicle metal parts manufacture). In the framework of the occupational guidance programme announced by the Chamber of GYMSKIK, students from grades 6 and 7 who are interested in techniques but do not know what secondary-school to choose or want to get familiar with the metal industry and machinery more closely as well as their teachers will take part in the factory visit.
We find it important to popularise the metal industry and machinery among the children, their parents and teachers already at the primary school age. We want to present and make the metal industry trades attractive to them. During these factory visits, we try to present also the career models and possibilities to the children.
In order to be able to offer the most interesting programme to the children, we have asked Technics Playground to make the factory visits more interactive with their machine fleet and demonstration. The children have already got a foretaste of machining processes; they used small CNC lathes to make candles and CNC millers to mill forms. Both the students and the teachers were very interested. We hope that several other companies and organisations will also join the programme, and we shall be able to jointly mitigate the problem of the long existing expert shortage after a while.
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Guest of the Győr Plusz Radio

March 22, 2017

In Győr Plusz Radio, we were the guest of Zsuzsi Bajzát, who asked us about the National Champion and National Public Champion prizes won by us at the European Business Award. In addition to the prizes, we talked about also the specialist shortage, the occupational guidance, future developments and plans.


Julius-Globe Ltd. has been named National Public Champion in Hungary

March 06, 2017

Julius-Globe Ltd. has been named National Public Champion in Hungary

We are so proud that Julius-Globe Ltd. was announced as National Public Champion. Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for us!

34 firms have been named 'National Public Champion' for their country in the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM after the 'public vote' stage of the competition generated a new record of over 160,000 votes from across the world.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “The public vote gives companies the opportunity to showcase their success to a worldwide audience, as well as engage existing stakeholders and potential new customers. Well done to Julius-Globe Ltd., it is a great achievement.” 


Ranked at place 20 on the viewership rating

March 02, 2017

Hereby we wish to thank everyone who found our company worth and voted for us in the second turn of the EBA competition. Currently, we do not know our votes in comparison to other competitors, but it is already clear that out of the 415 companies taking part in the second turn of the competition we are at place 20 as regards the viewing figures. The system indicated 1229 different IP views for our company, which means that 1229 different companies, organisations and private persons watched our film. I can tell you that we have received even more votes. People from more than twenty countries, from Miami to Csíkszereda, voted for us. The wide promotion and the achieved result are our common success, we are grateful to many people, including our colleagues and their family members, our buyers, cooperation and cooperating partners, friends and acquaintances, and we express our special thanks to Hungarian people living abroad for their support! Irrespective of the final result, it is a great progress for us to achieve this as a small company, to be qualified out of 33 thousand companies from 34 companies, and to compete with the best of Europe in 11 categories. Thank you for taking part in this competition with us, and for the promotion with your votes and the many shares! Tovább

Support of the X-Ray department

February 09, 2017

We hope that our letters “L” and “R” made for the X-ray department of the Petz Aladár County Hospital will successfully help to clarify which leg is left or right after starting the day with two left legs. We hope that the letters have to be used in fewer and fewer cases. The J-G Team wish you many accident-free days. Tovább

Support for the kindergarten of Lázi and the small Zalán

February 03, 2017

A karaoke competition was arranged as a continuation of the supper at last year’s closing ceremony to find the “Company’s voice” of 2016. With a noble gesture, the winners offered their prizes definitely for charitable purposes. Hearing the unexpected result, our company’s management supplemented the offered amount, and therefore HUF 200,000 was collected for noble purposes. Yesterday, the winners made a decision on the destination of the support, which will be soon personally handed over. HUF 50,000 will be granted to children of the kindergarten of Lázi, and HUF 150,000 to an ill boy, Zalán.

Would you be so kind to vote for our short intro film?

January 09, 2017

Would you be so kind to vote for our short intro film?

Julius-Globe Ltd. has been named a National Champion for HUNGARY in the European Business Awards last year; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.

Right now this is the second round of the competition, where we have to collect as many vote as we can.

Would you be so kind to vote for us?

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 Thanks a lot for your attendance, vote and shares in the competition!


Our karaoke competition served a noble purpose

December 21, 2016

A karaoke competition was arranged as a continuation of the supper at year-end closing ceremony to find the “Company’s voice” of 2016. After the colourful performances and awaking from the surprise that we felt at the appearance of the hidden talents. With a noble gesture, the winners offered their prizes definitely for charitable purposes.
Hearing the unexpected result, our company’s management supplemented the offered amount, and therefore HUF 200,000 was collected for noble purposes. The winners will make a decision on the destination of the support in the future, which they want to offer to a local organisation or a family in a difficult situation. Tovább

Year-end ceremony

December 21, 2016

Our usual Christmas year-end closing ceremony was started with the evaluation of the year of 2016. The managing director briefly told that we had closed a difficult but successful year. There were plenty of challenges also in this year. It is not easy to manufacture and deliver more than 3500 different types of high-quality customised parts, but our colleagues performed excellently this year again.
In 2016, we managed to implement two infrastructural investments. Our new grinding plant was finished, and the company was expanded with a green zone of 1400 m2. A new Y-axis CNC lathe was purchased in the framework of acquisition of assets.
Our plans for 2017 include additional capacity increase in order to be able to fully serve the increased demands of our buyers. We intend to buy another wire-electric spark machining equipment, a CNC vertical lathe, a centreless grinder, a CNC processing centre, and a more precise 3D measuring instrument in the framework of the expansion of the measuring lab.
After evaluation of the year and the presentation of the objectives, we commemorated the 18th anniversary of our Company’s operation.
Hereby the managing director and the company management wish to thank the colleagues, the buyers, the cooperation partners and suppliers for their works, who contributed to the Company’s success and uninterrupted development also this year.

Collection of donations to Lelkes family

December 19, 2016

At the initiative of our colleagues, Rita Regdon and Henrietta Kertics, the colleagues of Julius-Globe Kft. organised collection for Péter Lelkes and his son, Milán.

Hereby we wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the initiators and all donating colleagues for support offered to the Lelkes family. This year, it is proved again that our colleagues are not disinterested in the matter of those in need, and we are happy to announce that with the supplementation granted by the company management we could collect HUF 100,000, which we handed over to the Lelkes family on 15 December together with a toy.
The situation of Milán and his father seems to stabilize, and the family was able to avoid taking him into state custody due to the coordinated efforts and donations of the people. Péter Lelkes and their social care taker, Hajnalka Nagy expressed their thanks to the employees of Julius-Globe Kft. for their support with donations, proving that we have not forget the feeling to donate to those in need.

More than HUF 1,000,000 as a support to the Lukács Student Sports Association

December 13, 2016

We have supported the Lukács Student Sports Association with more than HUF 1,000,000 to provide for espoir players. The Lukács Student Sports Association was founded in 2013 to provide regular possibilities of sports and physical training for the members of the association, to incite people to live a healthy way of life, and to promote the evolution of the community life. Our sportsmen plays in green and white colours at the football, handball and dragon boat tournaments. The student sports association provides the terms of regular physical training after school hours by using its legal and financial possibilities, and with the support of the state and social organisations.

Promotion of cross-border training

November 17, 2016

We supported the Foundation FOR GYERGYÓSZÉK with HUF 300,000. In the recent years, the Foundation has successfully and efficiently supported the sports, cultural and educational connections of the region of Gyergyószék with Győr City as well as the cooperation between Fogarasy Mihály Technical Lyceum of Gyergyószentmiklós and Lukács Sándor Mechatronical and Engineering Secondary School and College of Győr in the field of education.

The training in CNC and mechatronics was started with financial and professional support in the above Lyceum in 2015 in order to allow the young people of Székely Land to obtain jobs on the labour market with their competitive knowledge, and thereby to help them stay and thrive on their homeland.

The “Gyergyószentmiklós Introduces Itself” event was organised in the recent years in Győr, which supported the economic cooperation between the two regions in addition to the establishment of the above connections. The establishment of the foundation was preceded by the connection between school twins Lukács Sándor Mechatronical and Engineering Secondary School and College of Győr and Fogarasy Mihály Technical Lyceum of Gyergyószentmiklós. The connection between the school of Győr and the special school has already had numerous practical results. The school of Győr trains labour for the milling industry, and they make sure the school has the best possible equipment. A complete car engine was granted to Gyergyószentmiklós due to the twin school connection and the assistance provided by the Audi factory of Győr, which allows the students of the special school to get familiar with the car assembly trade in accordance with today’s requirements.

Source: Letter of Support

The Practing has been successful for 20 years

October 13,2016

We have supported the Jubilee Practing Conference. The Practing Programme, in the framework of which currently several mechanical engineering students take part in practical training at our company, was launched with the support of the Phare Programme of the European Union in 1996. Tovább

Joint action for the healing of Maximilián

September 14, 2016

Julius-Globe Kft. also supported the case of the healing of Maximilián living in Győrújbarát, and granted an aid of HUF 500,000 to the family.


September 5, 2016

JULIUS-GLOBE LTD. recognised in Europe’s largest business competition. JULIUS-GLOBE LTD. has been named a National Champion for HUNGARY in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community. Tovább

Support to the National Medical Foundation

August 31,2016

We supported the National Medical Foundation. Tovább

Cost Judgement on the Formula Students Hungary Event

August 18-21, 2016

We had a chance to judge the participants in two categories, in the field of SUSTAINABILITY and REAL CASE STUDY. XMEDITOR, a professional communications company has organized its 7th international competition in university and college building race cars category. Tovább

Plastic industrial professional day

July 14, 2016

Professional day was organized at the Agricultural and Food Sciences Faculty in Mosonmagyaróvár by Széchenyi István University in association with Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chamber of Commerce Industrial Division of Plastic Industry Department on 12th of July 2016. Tovább

Production site visit at AVIO Colleferro

June 10, 2016

Production site visit was taken at AVIO based in Colleferro, Rome, Italy. Avio is a leading company in the international space industry. The expertise and know-how acquired in over 100 years currently allow Avio to compete with the top players in the segment of solid, liquid and cryogenic space propulsion. Tovább

Visit as ESA/ESRIN

June 09-10, 2016

The delegation of the Ministry for National Development and the Hungarian Space Office held a discussion in Italy, the third largest operator of the European space industry. Tovább

Family day

June 6, 2016

We organized a company family day in the children's camp of Győrújbarát. Small and Large could conduct their energy from giant jumping castle, through ’gordonramseystyle’ cooking competion, until tabletennis and tablefootball activities. Tovább


Mai 25, 2016

Our company joined the Hungarian space cluster HUNSPACE.
Many Hungarian parts will be assembled into the Sentinel-2C and 2D remote sensing satellites, after several domestic suppliers signed a newer contract related to the European Union Copernicus program. All European citizens will have access for free to the space records of Earth observation made during the next decade.

Hungary becomes a party to the European technical revolution through supplying the parts made by domestic firms for Sentinel family of satellites. Tovább

Professional journey to Kecskemét

Mai 05, 2016

We participated in a professional journey with Industry Section of Győr Chambers of Industry. A meeting was held in Kecskemét with College of Materials Science Faculty leaders and representatives. Moreover we visited the labs and practical training places and the factory of Mercedes-Benz as well. Tovább

Gift delivery to the Bóbita Foundation

December 17, 2015

To initiative by our colleagues, we have organised fundraising for small kids between 0 and 3 years old living in the house of Bóbita Foundation. Everyone of our worker, as well as our firm was donated. Tovább

Christmas party

December 17, 2015

We had a great Christmas party with our colleagues and cooperation partners. Managing director emphasised, that achievements made during the 17 years have been led by the owners working hard hand-in-hand with the core team. Tovább

Bóbita Foundation

August 31, 2015

Julius-Globe Ltd. and our managing director hisselfe sponsored the renovation of the children house of the Bóbita Foundation. We got back from them a bigger gift: their smile and a book with their pictures in their new environment. Tovább

Camp of the „CSÁNGÓ” children

August 22, 2015

Donation was given to the holidays camp of the „CSÁNGÓ” children from Külsőrekecsin. Tovább

New office opening ceremony

November 28, 2014

We hold our new office opening ceremony. It is a milestone in life of our company. We celebrated this event with our customers and collegues. Among our dear guest Mr. Géza Szalóki, Mayor of Győrújbarát, Mr. Dr. János Jósvai, Head of department of University of Szécheny, Mr. Tibor Rákóczi, Director of Lukács Sándor vocational school was our guest of honor. Tovább

Bóbita Foundation

June 27, 2014

We gave a new play ground to the Bóbita Foundation, where 25 children are growing up. It was good to see their smile and happiness during the gift delivery. Tovább